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Events of the company

◆In July, the 10th Motor Expo and Magnetic Expo were successfully held in Shenzhen with exhibition area and exhibitors' number increased over 45% compared to last year, officially becoming the biggest trade fair in small motor and magnetic materials industries of the South China region.

◆Wise Exhibition Co. was invited to be the consultant unit by Shanxi Baoji Exhibition Centre, Lanzhou Exhibition Centre and Baotou Exhibition Centre.
◆The 9th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition was held in the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex in May. The SF development Forum and Guangdong Surface technology Exchanges were held concurrently, with participants from more than 10 countries.
◆The 9th Guangzhou (China) International Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives Exhibition was held in May. The concurrent Guangdong Coatings Annual Meeting and the Asian Coatings Development Forum were held with over 300 attendees from more than 10 countries.
◆Shenzhen (China) International Small Motor & Electric Machinery,Magnetic Materials Exhibition and the concurrent Small Motor and Magnetic Materials Technology Forum were held in June.

◆In 2010, exhibitions held by Wise Exhibition Co. have been recognized as the municipal important exhibitions and gained capital support from local government. SF Expo and Coat Expo are professional exhibitions that are financially supported and advertised in overseas market by the government.

◆Wise Exhibition Co. become the College & Enterprise Cooperation Base of Guangdong Vocational Colleges of Science and Trade, Guangdong Vocational Colleges of Science and Technology and the Sun Yat-sen University. President Zhangzhi has been invited to be a part-time professor in those colleges.

◆Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition was jointly held by the Electroplating Branch of China Surface Engineering Association and Guangdong Electroplating  Association.

◆Guangdong Province People’s Government, the State Development and Reformation Committee and the National Industry and Information Department took their cooperation in the promotion and invitation of China International small and middle-sized enterprises trade fairs.

◆Under the integration of exhibition market, since 2004, each year Wise Exhibition Co. has held 4-6 professional exhibitions as Coat Expo, SF Expo and Motor Expo have been held for 9 years and become the grand brands in their fields. Concurrent technology promotion and industry summits & forums have been held every year. Other exhibition projects such as printing exhibition and mechanics exhibition also reached overseas cooperations.

◆ Wise Exhibition (HK) Co.,Ltd was registered in Hongkong to take advantages of Hongkong’s policy, information and services.Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. is the main stockholder.
◆The 3rd Guangzhou International Coating Industry Exhibition and Surface Finishing Exhibition were held in Canton Fair Pazhou Complex

The 3rd Shenzhen (China) International Motors & Matching Products Exhibition,Magnetic Materials and Application Technology Exhibition and Factory Automation & Instrumetation Exhibition were held in the Shenzhen.

◆The professional periodical PAINT INFORMATION was first published for the service of painting and SF industry. It has been published 158 periods so far. Furthermore, the Printings and Packaging Exhibition, which had been held in Dongguan three times, was moved to Shenzhen.
◆8 exhibitions were held in 2003.

◆8 exhibitions were held, involving mechanics, molds, print packaging, surface treatment, paints, plastics and fine chemicals. Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. was and has been listed as an original executive member in Guangdong Conferences and Exhibitions Association.

◆The 1st Dongguan International Factory Automation & Instrumetation Exhibition and Dongguan International Electrial Machine & Electrical Engineering Exhibition were held in Donguan in March, participated by over 200 enterprises such as Siemens, OMRON and Phoenix. China Electronics Association, Guanggong Automation Association and Guangdong Mechanics Engineering Association jointly held this exhibition.
◆The first Dongguan International Printing and Packaging Exhibition was held in September.

◆The Paint, Ink, Adhesives and Surface Treatment Exhibition was co-held with the Guangdong Paints Association.
◆8 exhibitions were held in 2001.

Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. was established By president Zhang with the help of many elites with rich exhibition organization experiences at the beginning of the year. The company was registered as a provincial enterprise, aiming at long-term development in the exhibition industry. Its name “Wise” means the company will make contributions to the society and win competition through wisdom.
◆Wise’s first exhibition, China International Machine, Tool, Mold and Plastic Packaging Exhibition, was held in Dongguan from Oct. 21st to 23rd, which received considerable acclaims. The minister of Guangdong Electronics and Mechanics Department, the deputy mayor of Dongguan city, the president of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau made their visits and cut the ribbon of the openning ceremony. Nearly 300 enterprises took part in it.

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