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How to Apply for Invitation to Trade Fair or Exhibition in China

Generally, there are two ways to apply for the invitation to attend the trade fair or exhibition in China:

1. Apply for the invitation directly from the Chinese organizer of the fair/exhibition from internet, by fax or mail.

2. Apply for the invitation from the Economic & Commercial Section of the Chinese Consulate in Douala while the following documents will be required:

a. Application Form

b. Valid passport of the visitors and one photocopy of each passport;

c. Valid business license for the present year and one photocopy;

d. Valid taxpayer’s card and one photocopy;

e. Business registration and one photocopy;

f. Attestation issued by a bank within the past three months to certify the legal existence and normal running of the company's bank account;

g. Certification of Employment (if the visitor is not the proprietor of the company).

h. Other documents that the Consulate may require.
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