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Nanfang Daily ---Fake Internationalized Fair
With the development of industrial economy and intensification of competition , enterprises all around the country hope to promote their products in the most influential exhibition , and thus the event economy arise . However , great need of the market lead to opportunistic practice .
A few days ago , due to compete entanglement a company from Shanghai and another company from Guangzhou catched each other on the raw and even bring to court . They both disclose chaotic phenomena in the exhibition industry such as misleading propaganda , inappropriate title .
Guangzhou Wise Exhibition :
Enterprise organize exhibition with counterfeit foreign brand
A few days ago , insider tell journalist : “2013 China (Guangzhou) International Coil Equipment & Technology Exhibition ” operating tensely in South China , among the promotion data , they claim to the “Biggest Coil Equipment Exhibition in Asia ” ,“China International Coil Equipment Exhibition ”, “The Unique Coil Equipment Exhibition in South China ” . However , it ‘s inveracious  no matter in sale , exhibitor, exhibiting area and organizer .
In July this year , Wise Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd had prosecute the illicit compelition to Count of Shenzhen Futian District and require apology announcement .
According to Zhangzhi , general manager of Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd , after organizing so-called “2012 China (Shenzhen) International Coil Equipment Exhibition ” , Shanghai VNU do survey to the organizer . As a result , although the above company is an exhibition service company registered in Shanghai , it hasn’t receive any approval documents from related organization for naming “ China International ” . There are no record about “UK CWIEME Exhibition Company” and “VNU Asia Group” in Gfuangdong Province Adminstration For Industry & Commerce and Shenzhen Adminstration For Industry & Commerce .
“In the promotion data , UK CWIEME is listed in the top of organization , moreover it claim the exhibition to be ‘No.1 Berlin Coil Equipment Exhibition Land in China , the biggest exhibition in Asia’ .
Shanghai VNU :
Legal Publicity , no any false information
For the accusation , Shanghai VNU stoutly deny
“What we published during promotion are all Conform to the laws and regulations” . Yesterday , the agent lawyer of Shanghai VNU said when making interview . The exhibition has received related approval documents from Foreign Trade And Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province , approval name is “Shenzhen International Coil Equipment Exhibition”, “We just make two modification . Firstly , we add ‘2012’ , indicating the time of exhibition. Secondly they add ‘China’ before ‘Shenzhen’, Shenzhen is one of the3 city of China , add ‘China’ is just to limit the area . It’s consistent with the approval name , there are no any misleading propaganda and won’t lead to misunderstand of related exhibitors and visitors . ” .
He make further explanation : so far , promotion of exhibition 2013 follow the approval document . “We are permitted to use ‘International’ and ‘China’ , there are no misleading propaganda at all . ”
As for pretendtobe accusation , lawyer explain :”’’CWIEME’ is allow to represent the exhibition according to Guangdong official approval , CWIEME UK also issued declaration letter .”
Journalist from Nanfang Daily  Ou Zhikui
■Uncover Industry’s Secrets
High Profit Lead to Speculation
“It’s a pervasive phenomenon interiorly that exhibition add ‘China’’ , ‘International’, ‘Biggest in Asia’, ‘Biggest in the world’ in the title . Meanwhile , they list some company with English name in the organizer to make it more believable . In fact , they are all falsely use foreign brand . According to a senior insider .
According to Chinese related regulations , once an exhibition including 20% foreign exhibitors can it name with “International” . In principle , exhibitions are not allow to name with “China” , unless it receive the approval of related department , meanwhile it must be operated over two terms and cover 10000 ㎡.
So why so many exhibitions are bound up in naming with “China” or ”International” ? About this , insider point out :”Because of high profit . ” As introduction , a booth can charge RMB 5000-6000 , but for international exhibition a booth can charge 2-3 times higher , even up to RMB20000.
“Exhibition industry is immature so far , many exhibitors are not sane , they all flock to an exhibition when ‘International’ and foreign organizer appear ”
It’s hard for exhibitors to safeguard legal rights and supervise department to enforce the law . Most of exhibition are just 3 days , it’s too late for exhibitors to complain when problems arise . Field personnel acknowledge that they are temporary worker , most exhibition are schedule on weekend , related department are not on duty .
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