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New Express Daily---Small Event Double The Fee
Small Event Double The Fee With “International” Title?
Expert: Low Cost & High Profit Make Organizer Run Risk Repeatedly

■Reporter from New Express Daily  Qinglin Chan
Event with “International” title can charge double to thrice fee .Recent years, in order to earn higher profits , many domestic organizers risk violating the law .
Recently , New Express Daily receive complaint that a coil equipment exhibition held in Shenzhen was prosecuted as its publicity data include foreign company which is not qualified to be organizer . But before the end of last litigation , VNU exhibition asia (VNU for short) , the Co-Organizer plan to hold a similar exhibition from May 5th to 8th this year , and it’s reported that foreign company will join as a organizer again .
Wise Exhibition : VNU mislead exhibitors with foreign brand
In the approval documents from Department of Foreign Trade And Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province , journalist discover that the full name of VNU’s exhibition is “The 1st  Shenzhen International Coil Winding Exhibition ” , the organizer is Shanghai VNU Exhibition Co.,Ltd and Shenzhen Dandelion Convention & Exhibition CO., Ltd. . But VNU list CWIEME (UK)Co,.Ltd (CWIEME for short) in the top of the publicity date and declare to be “No.1 Berlin Coil Equipment Exhibition Land in China , the biggest exhibition in Asia ”
General manager of Wise Exhibition (Guandong) Co.,Ltd , Zhangzhi insist that CWIEME is not qualified to organize “2012 China (Shenzhen) International Coil Equipment Exhibition” . “It’s the first time for VNU to held such exhibition , but it list CWIEME as the organizer in external publicity , and charge high exhibiting fee (which is double or thrice higher than domestic similar exhibition ) ” According to Zhangzhi , normally in China , exhibiting fee for a booth (9㎡) of Coil Winding Exhibition is RMB 5000-6000 , but the exhibition fee of “Shenzhenl Coil Equipment Exhibition” is up to RMB 14000 , in 2013 it’s event plan to raise to RMB 20000 .
What’s more , “2012 China (Shenzhen) International Coil Equipment Exhibition” is declared to be “The biggest exhibition in Asia on coil machine , winding , magnetic material , insulating material and motor manufacturing ” . But Zhangzhi express that the actual scale of the exhibition is only about 6000 ㎡ , it’s inferior than a same type exhibition held by Wise Exhibition in Shenzhen both in exhibiting area and exhibitor quantity , let alone compare with another same type exhibition in Shanghai , which exhibiting area is up to 20000㎡ .
As known , VNU was punished by related department and was disqualified to hold exhibition in Shenzhen because of its violation in March . So it change to Guangzhou and continue to sent sms and e-mails about Germany Coil Authoritative Exhibition Land in China . Wise Exhibition express that VNU has violated related laws and regulations during its promotion and operation. What it did has disturb industry order .
VNU respond : Wise Exhibition ‘s accuse is untruthful
But VNU consider Wise Exhibition ‘s inveracious accuse has not break the Chinese anti-unfair competition law and won’t lead to misunderstand of related exhibitors and visitors .
Law representative of VNU, Cheng Qiang  points out that VNU just make two modification . First , they add “2012”  , second they add “China” before “Shenzhen” . Cheng Qiang said:” Shenzhen is one of the3 city of China , add ‘China’ is just to limit the area ” .
For the accusation , Cheng Qiang explain that “VNU Asia Group Shanghai VNU Exhibition Co.,Ltd” is one of the organizer of this exhibition . In 2012 , it has obtained the authorization of CWIEME UK , CWIEME UK also issued declaration letter . They just haven’t apply notarization because of high fee . All in all , Shanghai VNU hasn’t violate as Wise Exhibition accused .
Expert :Exhibition inveracious promotion do not stop despite repeated prohibitions
Low violate cost and high profit is the major cause
According to “Notice on Restate The Regulation of Holding External Economic Technology Exhibition in China” , in principle , external economic technology exhibition held by local organization is no allow to add “China” but use local exhibition name . The promotion date of this kind of exhibition such as exhibition catalogue must itemize organizer and prohibit any addition and abridge .
Recent years , Guangzhou Industrial And Commercial Bureau has published several inveracious promotion cases . But why this phenomenon keep happen in exhibition industry ? As disclosed , part of exhibition increase the fee by marking with “China”, ”Biggest in Asia” or adding foreign company as organizer . Insider point out that normally exhibition fee of domestic exhibition is under RMB10000 , but exhibiting fee of foreign brand exhibition can surged to ten thousand even 30 to 40 thousand .
Some Guangzhou insider reveal to us the reason why violate phenomenon do not stop despite repeated prohibitions . On one hand , related supervise department lack of proactivity , they survey when someone report . On the other hand , some of exhibition organizers are unwilling to fight against inveracious promotion because of information asymmetry .
Professor of Guangzhou Exhibition Industry Research Institution , Liucongping consider that the reason is ascribe to low violate cost . Some exhibition company specialed in organizing “inveracious exhibition” and earn quick many , they always change exhibition venue . So far the punishment in some cities is 30 thousand , it’s not enough to warn the law breaker .
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