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Exhibits Transportation - the Lifeblood of Exhibiting Companies

In China, the exhibition is recognized a sunrise industry. Since it is sun, we would not have it in both ways. There are always some flaws. Exhibits transportation is in this case. Transport to the exhibition as forage to the armed forces. As thesaying goes: "military forces did not move, forage ahead." Logistical support is vital for any industry. According to different forms of transport the exhibition are divided into domestic exhibits transport and foreign exhibits transport, local exhibitorstransportation and off-site transportation. In general, the local exhibitors transportation with less transport links are easy to resolved. but the off-site transportation problems are often the most troublesome problem for the organizers. 

Foreign exhibition can be divided into three categories: off-site to participate in a one-off exhibitions, traveling exhibitions and overseas exhibitions.  

Participating in a one-time exhibition, different places in different cities means that domestic, involving long-distance transport can be divided into rail freight and road freight. They have their own advantages and shortcomings. Rail freight generally use the container transport, according to the different exhibits, the general use of 1 ton, 6 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons ofboxes. 1 ton, 6 tons of boxes suitable for transporting valuable monomer exhibits; 10 tons, 20 tons of boxes suitable for thedecomposition of the overall booth transport, this type of transport had the largest share. The advantage of rail transport pavilion are generally able to receive the container and transported to the designated storage places, you can save a lot oftransit troubles. Disadvantage is cost relatively high and relatively long period of preparation of preliminary work has created a significant pressure. The number of exhibitors participating in general due to the limited grasp of the overall process is not very place, it will easily lead to the phenomenon of transport can not arrive on time. Road transport due to the increasingly well-developed highways, but showed a strong trend of increasing, gradually shorten the transport time, flexibility, much stronger than rail freight, the price is also low, but the road freight transport are hard to overcome the fatal injury: First, , thegood and bad road conditions and exhibits the damage costs have a direct relationship; second midway can not control, lost things happen from time to time; third, the chances of accidents happening is much higher than rail transport, so thepackaging requirements of road freight to be significantly higher than the railway. 

The traveling exhibition is a special kind of exhibition, due to the fought over, can arrive on time and durability in the most critical issue, as freight rates fell a second problem. For general insurance, go through the different channels to send the two sets of the same location.

Procedures for foreign exhibitions transport is one of the most diverse category, involving many departments, and thesituation is different. First overseas exhibition is to pass through the customs, and the corresponding customs formalities should be prepared. If the packaging materials are within the scope of animal and plant quarantine, according to theprovisions of the relevant animal and plant quarantine disinfection treated with preservatives. As many links in a long cycle, and that time is especially difficult to grasp, you could find the professional exhibition freight forwarders to carriers, since they have wealth experience and a variety of modes of transport. They can make sure to deliver in time generally. 

These three kinds of transport in our country can not really form an industry, and are also very  non-standard. Thecredibility has not been established. There are a lot of business opportunities, if they can formulate a number of laws and regulations to regulate the industry and effectively manage them, regardless of from the economic and social benefits, they are very impressive.

"Well soldiers move rapidly." Exhibition is also a industry with strong time concept. How to fast response and keep up withthe rhythm of the exhibition is the problem transport sector should study. A Exhibition Transport Association is necessary. They could provide exhibition services, and may be able to make the exhibition industry go faster.

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