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2018 Shenzhen International Small Motor & Magnetic Materials Industry Development Summit
Intelligent Manufacturing Driving The Future


Organizer: MOTOR EXPO Organizing Committee----Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd

Medias: Big-bit, ChinaOIL, Global Magneto Electricity, Ruochen Media, Ecmagnet, Wangca Motor,

       China Automation, Magnetbuy

Time:  May 17th-18th 2018

PlaceShenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Scale: More than 15 Keynote Speeches, more than 350 industrial and application area technologists and the enterprise managers will participate

Small motor and magnetic materials as the importantly basic components and materials in kinds of industries, are widely applied to automobiles, computers, office equipment, household appliances, electric tools, electric toys, consumer electronics, communications equipment, medical, aerospace and other fields. In recent years, with rapid development of the automotive electronics, LEDTV, LED lighting,4G,5G communication, smart grid, internet of things, new energy and other emerging industries, which further promotes the overall level of the motor magnetic industry, opening a new era.

In order to meet the needs of industry and market development, Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd has successfully held the Shenzhen International Small Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition annually for 15 sessions since 2003, attracting widespread industry attention at home and abroad. In order to further expand the exchanges, solve business problems, to promote research and development achievements, “the Intelligent Manufacturing driving the Future” as the theme of “Shenzhen International Small Motor and Magnetic Materials Industry Development Conference” will be held by the organizing committee in the same period. The meeting will be held on May 17-18, 2018 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, inviting well-known industry experts, entrepreneurs and national key university professors, researchers and the leaders of industry authority organization who will also make wonderful speeches with more than 350 guests.

The Theme of Meeting (draw up):

High efficiency permanent magnet motor and its control technology

The application of micro motor in the automation industry

The application of micro motor in robot industry

Application of magnetic materials and micro motor in the new energy vehicles 

The application of new materials in micro motor

The application development of magnetic materials in micro motor

The application in cutting-edge technology field of micro motor and magnetic materials  

The development of micro motor, magnetic materials manufacturing equipment and accessories

The application of amorphous materials in micro motor

The development of micro motor and magnetic materials with high efficiency and energy saving technology

The current status and development prospect of domestic and foreign micro motor, magnetic materials industry

Optimization and transformation in enterprise internal structure


Expertsdraw up):

Professor Jianxin Chen  Department of electrical engineering ,School of electrical engineering,

Zhejiang University

Dr. Lei Ren  Shenzhen Runyang group (former technical director of Shanghai Ming Chi company )

Professor Shoudao Huang   Party secretary and vice president, School of electrical and information engineering, Hunan University

  Executive Secretary-general Hua Zhang  Amorphous alloys branch of China Society of metals

Professor Xiaoyuan Wang    School of electrical and automation engineering, Tianjin University

Professor Guangzhao   Deputy director of Shaanxi rare earth permanent magnet motor and control system engineering technology center, IEEE member

Professor Xiangyu Yang  Vice president of School of electrical engineering, South China University of Technology (Dayang motor new energy motor research and Development Consultant)

Professor Hongmei Li    Master of Engineering in electrical and electronic engineering of HeFei University of Technology

Secretary-general Da Zhang  Southwest Institute of Applied Magnetics

Professor Hailin Su    School of materials science and engineering, HeFei University of Technology

Experts and issues are determined to be final, and more well-known industry experts are in the process of determining








Micro motor, magnetic materials production enterprises and research institutions and technical engineers and senior management personnel

Motor, transformer, power, automobile, home appliances, communication, computer, automation, electronics, defense industry, aerospace, automotive electronics, LEDTV, LED lighting, 4C (computer, communication, broadcasting, content service) fusion and 4G, 5G communications, smart grid, networking, new energy vehicles and other related fields researchers and technical engineer;

Research institutes and university professors, senior workers, researchers;

Reporter of professional media , members of the Association.



Gains in participation: 

Face-to-face communication with suppliers, manufacturers, end users, research institutes, experts and scholars;

Get the latest information of the industry market, understand the latest development trend of the industry.

Attract more business partners and create opportunities for cooperation between the two sides;

Close contact with industry renowned experts, free consultation of technical problems encountered in the production of enterprises.

Display on the spot to publicize enterprise products advantage and latest technology, highlight enterprise competitive advantage;

Help enterprises explore potential markets.

Application Form

Please fill in the application form submitted to the Organizing Committee (020-29193591, after the audit, and we will be in touch with you dealing with specific participation matters. This forum assumes 350 participants, so the free admission will only be provided for those who could pass through the audit by the Organizing Committee of the forum with quota limit, please register now!












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Contents, opinions and suggestions on forum topics (please specify):

If you want to sponsor the exhibition and the same period activities, please contact with the organizing committee to understand the details


Registration deadline: April 10, 2018


The Organizing Committee Contact:

Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd

Vice president of Guangdong Convention and Exhibition Association, member of International Exhibition Industry Association, China

Contact June Zhong (Ms.)

Tel020- 29193563  Fax020-29193591                                       



Address: Room A&B, 3rd Floor, Wanyihuaxuan Building, NO.10 Jinju Road, Haizhun District, Guangzhou, 510300 P.R. China


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