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Two National Industry Associations and 2018 Shenzhen International Coil Industrial Expo Reach Important Cooperation, the Expo Jumping as a Valuable Platform in China

2018 Shenzhen International Coil Winding, E-Transformer & Insulation Materials Exhibition (CW EXPO) and two national industry associations reach important cooperation to deeply collaborate in co-hosting concurrent forum, setting up special exhibition area, organizing visitors, doing publicity and promotion, etc.


China Electronic Transformer Association will serve as the organizer to fully participate in the exhibition, using its resources and influence to hold China international electronic transformer forum, electronic transformer manufacturing technology forum, industry salon, conference and other activities. Besides, China Electronic Transformer Association and Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. will publicize and invite professional purchasers together.


In addition, the organizing committee receives significant cooperation with Magnetic Materials Branch of China Electronics Materials Industry Association. China Magnetic Materials Industry Development Forum will be jointly organized by them and there will be over 500 attendees, including experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, engineers who are involved in domestic and foreign coils industry, electronic transformer and magnetic materials field.


Strongly joined by the two national industry associations, the professional visitors’ quality will improve, the exhibitors will increase, the exhibition will be more international and influential in the industry and more and more industry high-level qualified personnel and outstanding enterprises will attend CW EXPO 2018. In short, the exhibition jumps as the valuable platform in domestic Industry and those who are engaged in coil winding, e-transformer and insulation shall attend the exhibition!


Introduction of China Electronic Transformer Association


China Electronic Transformer Association (short for CECA) is a national industry group which is formed by Chinese transformer enterprises voluntarily. CECA functions as a bridge and link between government departments and enterprises, which assists government in implementing transformer industry. Implementing the national policies and regulations, CECA serves its member that actively builds a platform for them to exchange advanced production technologies and business concepts of electronic transformers, so that to strengthen the business partnership and improve the efficiency of economy and society for enterprises, to promote the transformer industry, economic and technological upgrading. Meanwhile, CECA actively contacts with international non-governmental organizations and cooperates or communicates with them in economy and technology.


Introduction of Magnetic Materials Branch of China Electronic Materials Industry Association


Magnetic Materials Branch of China Electronic Materials Industry Association is in charge of managing and coordinating China’s enterprises of magnetic materials industry.


Southwest Institute of Applied Magnetics (In Mianyang, Sichuan Province) is the president unit and office of Magnetic Materials Branch of China Electronic Materials Industry Association. It is mainly engaged in researching, developing, producing and serving magnetic functional materials and special components and studying applied magnetics. It is the only comprehensive scientific research institution of applied magnetics in China.


Southwest Institute of Applied Magnetics, as the National Electronic Industry and Magnetic Product Quality Monitoring Center, undertakes its responsibilities of setting military standard, carrying on academic research and providing technical consulting and service for main products of magnets industry. It has a website named and it is the secretariat unit of the website. Moreover, it is the unit of Applied Magnetic Branch of China Institute of Electronics, the domestic technology focal unit of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC/TC51).



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