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Exhibition Report of Motor & Magnetic Expo, CWEXPO 2018

The 16th Shenzhen Motor & Magnetic Expo, CWEXPO closed with 16,000 Visitors in 3-day Show


The 16th Shenzhen (China) International Small Motor, Electric Machinery and Magnetic Materials Exhibition (Motor & Magnetic Expo), Shenzhen (China) International Coil Winding, Insulation Materials & Electronic Transformer Exhibition (CWEXPO for short) the top event of its kind in China, drew to a close on May 19, 2018 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center after three busy days. As a professional trade and display platform focusing on industry innovations and applications, Motor & Magnetic Expo is expanding each year due to the constant development and upgrading of domestic manufacturing industries. Motor & Magnetic Expo, CWEXPO had an exhibition space of 15,000 square meters.360 exhibitors and 16,000 high-caliber visitors (10% of which were from overseas) from 20 countries and regions attended the exhibition, which increased by 15% and 12% respectively compared with those of last year.


Leading enterprises such as SMART, CASIC MOTOR, Guizhou Linquan Motor, KINGLY GEAR, Ningbo Yunsheng, Jiangxi SEN YANG, Shanghai Shengma, Yateng Motor, UT motor, Kindly Motor, Italy LE, I.M.E. (Thailand), MAGTROL, JIN-KE, SMARTECH AUTOMATION, Hongdamuju, Sunfar, WANTE, YI MING, XIN SEIKO, TEEMING, BLDC, MaBuQi, LOKOMA, ARNOLD, Ningbo Canmag, TC Magnet, JOINT-MAG, Hunan Yujing, SATT, BAOTOU JINSHAN, WISDOM, Magsuper, JL MAG, One Magnet, etc. all participated in Motor & Magnetic Expo, CWEXPO.A number of new, advanced products and equipments made their debut in the 3-day tradeshow.


 Procurement Fair for Famous Small Motor Manufacturers and Sodality between Buyers and Suppliers was held on the 1st day of Expo in Hall 3/4. In the fair, Mr. Gu Chenglin, member of National Engineering Research Center for Small and Special Precision Motors, introduced wire-wound motor without cores. Mr. Yang Xiangyu, Professor & Vice president, School of Electrical Engineering, South China University of Technology, introduced the development of intelligent electrical equipment under the background of Energy Internet. Ms. Miu Dongmin, Marketing Director of Hangzhou 3Phis Technology Co.,Ltd, made presentations about the key technology of motor spindle.


Leading enterprises in application industries including Group visitors came to visit the exhibition, including Johnson Electric, Zhuhai Kaibang Motor, BYD, POLYMAGNET SPB, Midea Group, HUAWEI, Foxconn, Toyota, CCL MOTORS, DJI-Innovations, MIJIA (MIUI Smart Home), Emerson, OMRON, Honeywell, Deli, SUNTECH MOTOR, YOKOTEC, HUBEI KAIT, etc. And they gave a high evaluation about the event.


“The scale of the Shenzhen Motor &Magnetic Expo this year is larger than the previous one, with both the whole motor machine on display and many materials suppliers present. People know about each other, have a deep communication, and share opportunities through the exhibition. During the period there were also series of free summits for more enterprises to learn from foreign specialists directly without going abroad. We are thankful for the organizer's warm welcome.” Mr. Wei said, the manager of JOHNSONELECTRIC GROUP.

“Generally speaking, the exhibition is very good and the organizers provide good service. In particular, the forums are so well that are worth for the industry to attend and communicate. Hope the exhibition can enrich exhibit scope and improve its professionalism to become better and better.”said Mr. Zhong, the engineer of ZHUHAI KAIBANG MOTOR MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.

“Shenzhen Motor & Magnetic Expo is an essential exhibition for us to attend every year. In recent years, there are many forums, salon. Moreover, many well-known industry persons at home and abroad are invited to make a speech and communicate with the audience. We have new harvests every time. Hope more concurrent events could be held in the future!” BYD is a frequent pruchaser of Motor & Magnetic Expo, CWEXPO.

Mrs. Olga Kuznestova is from POLYMAGNET SPB, who noted that our company firstly visited the exhibition and was satisfied. The presented factories really were consistent with the claimed subject matter.


The next Motor & Magnetic Expo, CWEXPO is returning to Shenzhen, China on May 2019. Meanwhile, the organizer is going to hold two more exhibitions as follow:

2019 Shenzhen (China) International Powder Metallurgy and Cemented Carbide Exhibition

2019 Shenzhen (China) International New Energy Vehicle Electric Control Exhibition.






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