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Promoting Energy-Saving & Emission reduction, Advocating Green & Efficiency,PMCC EXPO Capturing the industry
Shenzhen International Power Metallurgy & Cemented Carbide Exhibition

Shenzhen International Power Metallurgy & Cemented Carbide Exhibition (PMCC EXPO for short) will be officially held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on May 8th to 10th, 2019. As a UFI member of China, Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd (WISE for short) cooperates with many industry influential associations, institutes and alliances to jointly hold the exhibition. PMCC EXPO will gather nearly 500 domestic and overseas enterprises and cover an area of 15,000 square meters. It is estimated that more than 100 professional purchasing groups and 15,000 visitors will attend. Exhibits range from raw materials, products, granulation equipment, injection moulding machine, degreasing and sintering equipment, polishing equipment to detection equipment. PMCC EXPO will display new technology and products to the industry with overall chain.

PMCC EXPO provides you with solution of energy-saving, emission reduction, efficiency and environmental protection

At present, powder metallurgy (PM for short) has been regarded as a green and sustainable manufacturing technology. PM is the best choice for cost effective components and parts, as well as a kind of significant additive manufacturing technology. In recent year, PM industry develops rapidly, especially in automobile, electronics, home-appliance, electric machinery, metal industry, aerospace, instruments and apparatus, hardware, engineering machinery, high-tech industry, etc., which bring extraordinary development and huge market for PM industry. Otherwise, PM industry is listed as a priority item for development and encouragement of foreign investment by China. It could be seemed that PM industry has a broad perspective.

For the global PM machine part industry, the most promising market is automobile industry. Along with the development trend of Chinese auto sales, usage of PM parts and lightweight of automobile, the whole industry is getting wider, while PM market will meet a rapid development. Meanwhile, the technical progress and new technology application of downstream industry put forward new requirement for PM products: keeping energy-saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and efficiency. Undoubtedly, the above requirements become the industry focus.

Complying with industry development demand and sticking to the hot topics of the industry, PMCC EXPO cooperates closely with industry associations, institutes and research institutions, traditional and new media, industry brand enterprises to build the exhibition. Brand enterprises will be invited to display new products and technology, like AT&M, JINCHUAN, NBTM, LAIGUANG GROUP, XTC, ZHUZHOU CEMENTED CARBIDE GROUP, ACME, EAGLE-GLOBE, Yanzhou Haili, Haitian, Zhongtai, Longding Metal Powders, SUMITOMO, HIPER, who provide the industry with solutions of energy-saving, emission reduction, green and efficiency. Moreover, the PMCC EXPO will be held concurrently with the related industry exhibitions of electric motor, magnetic materials, power supply, electronic transformer, intelligent manufacturing and laser, etc. to share visitors.

During the exhibition, the organizing will hold over 20 high-end industry forums and activities, Asian Summit on Powder Metallurgy Industry Technology Development, International Powder Metallurgy New Product and Technology Promotion Conference, Professional Purchasers Business Conference, etc. Well-known industry experts, research institutes and senior executives of leading enterprises will be invited to discuss the latest technology and development trend of the industry and help enterprises solve technical problem.

Nowadays, under the global environment of promoting energy-saving and emission reduction and advocating green and efficiency, the organizing committee has attended industry activities actively and visited enterprises to promote the exhibition idea. They have been to Beijing, Dongguan, 2018 International CMF Exhibition, WORLDPM 2018, also deeply communicate with industry experts and enterprises, which is recognized by the industry, such as GAC GROUP, BYD, HONDA, TOYATA, NISSAN, XIAOPENG MOTORS, BAIC MOTOR, CHANGAN, PEUGEOT, CITROEN, Winnerway Motors, FOTON, Das Auto, APPLE, HUAWEI, ZTE, OPPO, VIVO, MEIZU, Lenovo, ILA, Qualcomm, Haier, Midea, GREE, Galanz, ASUS, FOXCONN, BBK, TCL, Skyworth, etc. The enterprises will participate in PMCC EXPO in various ways.

Being based on the industry, serving the industry! 2019 Shenzhen International Powder Metallurgy & Cemented Carbide Exhibition looks forward to your participation.

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