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Composing multiple advantages, SF EXPO becomes the preferred platform of the industry.
SF EXPO 2020

With the implementation of China Western Development strategy and the Belt and Road policy, the economy of Southwest China is injected more power and develops rapidly. Chongqing is not only an important modern manufacturing base and high-tech industrial base, but also the economic and financial center of the upper Yangtze River, radiating to many important cities, such as Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Liuzhou, Guiyang, Chengdu ect. Therefore, domestic and overseas enterprises have settled in Chongqing one after another, which makes Chongqing become the important center of economic development in the West.

SF EXPO, as a platform for publicity and trading in China surface finishing industry, is based in Chongqing and radiates to the southwest region, making important contributions to technical exchanges and trade docking of the industry. Since the preparation of the exhibition, it has been strongly supported by numbers of surface finishing industry associations, exhibitors, media and professional users. The work of promotion and publicity at home and abroad and visitors invitation has been in an orderly manner.



SF EXPO is jointly supported by national authoritative associations, surface engineering associations and downstream associations.

SF EXPO is organized by Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd., China Electroplating Association, China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, Chongqing Surface Engineering Association, Chongqing Society of Automotive Engineering, Chongqing Painting Industry Association and supported by other surface engineering and electroplating associations and more than 50 user associations all around the country. China Electroplating Association and China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch will continue to help arrange the preparation work of concurrent events, publicity and visitors invitation, building an influential event in China surface finishing industry in 2020!



SF EXPO has been deeply engaged in the industry for 20 years, and made great efforts to attract more brand exhibitors and purchasers.

SF EXPO has been held in Guangzhou for 13 times and Chongqing for 3 time. It is a brand exhibition that has been approved by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) which is the most authoritative and influential exhibition industry organization in the world. Over the years, the SF EXPO organizing team adheres to the craftsmanship spirit and has been working in the industry, accumulating thousands of data about surface finishing, electroplating, coating and related enterprises. It serves the industry with big data, which makes the exhibition more efficient and highly recognized by industry people.

At the last SF EXPO in Chongqing, various manufacturers that own the latest surface treatment technology, equipment and raw materials launched core frontier products and technologies without reservation, competed to display the most advanced technology, equipment and solutions to meet the needs of southwest manufacturing industry. In the three-day exhibition, there were total 318 overseas and domestic companies from 16 countries and regions, such as CONVENTYA, EAC, HUACHUANG, Lidao, PAT, Xingyi, CLP II, SPE, Jidao, Chengao, Jianzheng Electroplating, Juke, Wagner, Gema, Yudong, Xinliguang, Landtech, JOIHEY, Mingyi Coating, SQROBOT, Haosheng Coating, CNISOO. The exhibition area reached 11,500sqm, increased 53.33% compared with the previous SF EXPO in Chongqing. It attracted 11,343 visitors including 8.67% overseas visitors. Most of the visitors were from famous domestic enterprises like Foxconn, XJ GROUP, Acer, FAW GROUP, JOMOO, Hefei Medea, Suzhou SAMSUNG, Bosch China, OILES China, Changan Industrial, Changan Automotive, Changan Ford, SGM, SAIC IVICO, CHONGQING TIEMA INDUSTRIES, CHONGQING WEICHAI, Honda Motor, HUAWEI GROUP, AVIC, CLP44, LONCIN, Genhis Khan Airlines, CCDC PETROLEUM, WANGJIANG INDUSTRY, CASC 16, AUX, XINGFA ALUMINIUM, AMER and so on.



The experts will analyze industry trend on concurrent events.

In order to accurately grasp the latest trends of surface finishing industry at home and abroad, make more people understand national and local policies and regulations about environmental protection and safety, a series concurrent events will be held, as follow:

*2020 China (Chongqing) International Surface Engineering Technology Forum & The 5th Sichuan-Chongqing Surface Engineering Technology Exchange Meeting

*2020 China (Chongqing) Automotive Surface Engineering and Anti-corrosion Technology Seminar

*2020 Asia-Pacific International Powder Paint and Coating Application Technology Summit

*2020 Surface Finishing New Products & Technology Promotion Conference

*2020 International (Chongqing) Surface Engineering Electronic Electroplating Salon

*Investigation Mission to Southwest China Surface Finishing Market

*China Surface Finishing Industry Famous Enterprises Award


Promotion and publicity cover the whole industry, inviting visitors in all ways.

In terms of overseas promotion, SF EXPO cooperates with professional associations and media such as Italian Association of Metal Finishing, Singapore Surface Engineering Association, Metal Finishers' Association of India, MFN, ipcm, The Paint & Finishing News etc., widely promotes the exhibition online and offline. Regarding to the domestic publicity, in addition to advertising in professional surface finishing magazines and websites, SF EXPO is also promoted on WeChat, EQXIU, accurately and effectively conveying exhibition information. At present, SF EXPO WeChat public account has more than 20,000 fans.

Apart from that, SF EXPO organizing committee have made cooperation with more than 50 domestic surface finishing associations and industry parks, widely inviting visitors from electroplating plant, coating plant, surface finishing parks, automobile and parts, hardware, plastic bathroom, aluminum profile, home appliances, lighting, communication, digital, IT and other fields through extensive publicity and promotion, one-to-one invitation.


Combined with the all advantages and brand effect, 400 exhibitors and 15000 professional visitors will gather at Chongqing International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition 2020 . We expect more industry people to participate in this industry event, seek for business opportunities and gain friendship!


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