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The Peak Forum of Asian Coating Industry Development

On May 11,2011,the 1st Peak forum of Asian Coating Industry Development held successfully in meeting room 4,Pazhou Complex. As one of the concurrent event of COAT EXPO,this forum was co-organized by Guangdong Coating Industry Association and Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd. Domestic and abroad experts,professors in coating industry were invited to present the current and future coating industry situation of their countries. Technical experts introduced new product and new technology with the theme of innovation,energy-saving and environmental protection, they gathered to explore the issue of technology cooperation, market research, international trade,etc.The high quality audiences included company in-charge persons, engineers, and association delegations.

Mr.Bingfu He expressed his view of current situation of Guangdong coating industry, he believed that Guangdong coatings market is still very promising though it has taken 1/3 of the total national coating volume. Mr.Kobayashi made a presentation of Japanese coating market, the country always stick to execute the quality standard, this is the reason why Japan has numerous qualified coating brand. After the earthquake, the raw material is greatly in demand, at the same time, he talked about the future of water-bases paint and showed the latest achievement on water-base paint of Atomix Group. Mr.Nirav presented the report made by his association on Indian Coating Market, the data showed that in 2011 the demand for paint will grow three times in Indian market. Ms.Eason made conclusion of Thailand coating market and forsaw its prospect, she thought Thailand paint self-manufacturing ability was out of demand and greatly depended on importing, but the rule for importing product was getting stricter and stricter, she reminded exporters be awared of this and follow the rule strictly when doing the export business.

In the segment of Questions & Answers between Chinese enterprises and international experts, Chinese and international companies’ representatives kept raising the questions and even debated drasticly, most attendees said they had learnt a lot from this forum.

By holding the peak forum, organizing committee attracted more professionals to Guangzhou, not only promoted the information exchange but also promoted the mergence.
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