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President Zhang made surveys in Baotou, Yinchuan, and Lanzhou

In August, 2011, WISE’s president Zhangzhi was invited to take part in the 3rd Baotou Rare-Earth Forum and made surveys in the key exhibition cities in north-west China.

The 3rd Baotou Rare-Earth Forum took place in August 8th-10th in Baotou city of Inner Mongolia with nearly 600 guests from the rare-earth industry. president Zhang made communications with them and got the information in the application of rare-earth in magnetic material industry and its development trend.

In August 10th-20th, president Zhang visited the new exhibition centre in Baotou, Yinchuan Exhibition Centre in Ningxia, Lanzhou Exhibition Centre, Baoji Exhibition Centre in Shanxi and Qujiang Exhibition Centre in Xi’an. He exchanged views with the local government officials and manager of those exhibition centres, discussed the exhibition development and applicable projects and established cooperation relationship with Baoji Exhibition Centre.

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