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CSEA E-plating Association’s Reports Won Great Supports
The 7th session of the 2nd standing director conference and the local association director & secretary-general joint session are held on July 11th-13th in Jin Chang City, Gansu Province, organized by CSEA E-plating Association and participated by 86 representatives from 22 E-plating societies.
Ma Jie, secretary general and the director of CSEA E-plating Association, chaired the meeting. Sun Changlan, the vice secretary general, made the 2012 middle and long term work report in which the preparation of 2013 SF Expo is introduced and arranged. In this report, SF Expo is emphasized to be the only surface engineering exhibition organized by CSEA E-plating Association inviting participation. Sun also shared the US investigation in June, 2012 and the news of US Surface Engineering Association’s coming in March next year.
Chen Yanhui, project manager of SF EXPO, took part in this conference and communicated with other association chairmen. Preparations of co-current events with  SF EXPO 2013 are also discussed. SF EXPO 2013 is greatly supported by chairmen and secretary generals from Fujian, Jinhua, Chongqing, Sichuan, Tianjing and Lanzhou societies. They promised to join the Expo next May.
After the meeting, visitors are arranged to the Sci & Tec Hall of Jinchuan Group, the New Products Company, Phosphor and Bronze project of Mineral Industries, Nickel Electrolysis Factory, Nickel Salt Factory and Copper Salt Factory. Thus, the production arts of copper plating, nickel plating and salt materials are impressively known. The meeting is finished with joyful and fruitful.

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