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SF EXPO Presence in Asian-Pacific Surface Engineering and Coating Summit, Shanghai
The 2nd Asian-Pacific Surface Engineering and Coating Summit is co-held by China Surface Engineering Association and Shanghai Lvtong Consulting Co.Ltd, and it is supported by USA Powder Coating Institute, HongKong Metal Finishing Society and other international organizations. The summit, held in Shanghai Mingjie Hotel on June 20th-21st, is a professional forum on surface engineering and coating and also is a grand event in the whole mechanic industry.
The summit is participated by over 120 suppliers from coating and mechanic industry such as Das Auto, G.E, Honda, SOUEAST, SUNY Mechanicals, Exel Industries, Dürr and Geico. Xu Honglin, senior engineer of Shanghai Das Auto, made a speech “Future Demand of China Coating”. Masaki Shigekura, minister of body part manufacturing in Honda, also delivered a presentation “the balance between environment and cost”. Another speech——“Surface Ageing and Judgement of Mechanical Products” is made by Qi Xiang’an, the deputy QC minister of SUNY Mechanicals. All the participants feel learnt a lot from the summit. Wu Weriling, secretary general of China Surface Engineering Association, pronounced that the 3rd Asian-Pacific Surface Engineering and Coating Summit will be held in March, 2013, the same time with SF EXPO. Visitors registration is also proceeded.
 SF EXPO participated in this summit as an official partner. Careful commuinication with visitor enterprises are made to know the practical problems facing the surface engineering in automobile and mechanical industries, to get their demands and to absorb their suggestions in current economy, industrial exhibitions and meetings. All visited enterprises highly recognize the strong co-held of SF EXPO and the 3rd Asian-Pacific Surface Engineering and Coating Summit and they are willing to participate.
                       Conference Scene
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