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SF EXPO propaganda in Shenshen on the Membership Meeting of Shenzhen Industrial Surface Treatment Association
The 2nd membership meeting of the first session of Shenzhen Industrial Surface Treatment Association and its new-tech Forum were held on May 18th, 2012. Over 140 members and representatives attended the meeting. Shi Liqiang, the chairman of the Association and the president of Shenzhen Chaopu Surface Engineering Co. Ltd, delivered a speech. Zhao Xiaome, vice chairman and the secretary general of the Association made an annual conclusion and set the arrangements of the next working year. Meanwhile, some scholars and experts from SF industry were also invited to hold the new technology and new product forum.
Shenzhen Industrial Surface Treatment Association was established in 2010 with its members from user enterprises of Shenzhen Surface engineering industries. Zhangzhi, the president of Guangdong Wise Exhibition company, and Chen Yanhui, the project manager, take advantage of this meeting to advertise SF EXPO 2013 which will be held on May 21st-23rd, 2013. Meanwhile, relative cooperation is discussed with the Association, which has deepened the understanding of the membership enterprises to SF EXPO. In the discussion, real demands and views on surface engineering from all members are gathered and the SF EXPO is highly recognized. Nearly all members are willing to visit the SF EXPO 2013. Thus, the organizing committee has also discussed with the Association about the group visit of these members.
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