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The First China Coatings Technical Exchange
The first China Coatings Technical Exchange is held in Wan Yue International hotel, Shenzhen on September 8th - 9th by China Small & Medium-sized Coating Enterprises Federation Union. Guangzhou Coating Exhibition Organizing Committee was invited to attend the conference as a distinguished guest. There are special booths and Roll up advertisements on this professional conference to expand the publicity of the 10th Guangzhou Coatings Expo.
In order to improve coating technology comprehensively and develop China's coating industry and enterprises, the conference invited a group of coating industry experts, professors, and senior engineers,such as Shen Hao,Li Rongjun, Feng Jun, etc. They’ve introduced the latest achievements in scientific research, provided technical solutions for the coatings enterprises and solved problems.
The conference gathered more than 200 elites from coating industry, and over 200 copies of exhibition brochures are distributed on-site. The progress of the Guangzhou Coatings exhibition is shared with big enterprises, such as Hempel, Sunhoo, Maydos, Zhaoqing Qianjiang, Shenzhen Oceanpower, Feiyang Chemical, Worldprospect Chemical, Cardolite, Polymer Chemical, and most of them expressed their interests of attending the 10th Guangzhou International Coatings Expo.  
On the afternoon of September 9th, Some enterprises were organized to visit the R&D center of FeiYang Chemical and its headquarters. The Director Xiao introduced the latest products and technology of FeiYang, and welcome all coating enterprises to develop the new products and grow up together.
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