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AT&M Join Us With 36㎡
“High-tech Enterprises” Organize by Ministry of Science and Technology And Organization of Chinese academy of sciences
------AT&M Join Shenzhen Magnetic Material Small Motor Exhibition
AT&M is a high-tech listed company which was established by China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group and own technology center . The mission of AT&M is to be the foremost manufacturer of metallic materials and products in the world. In the past ten years, AT&M has provided its customers with the solutions to their materials technology problems in the main six industry fields of advanced energy materials including solar energy and amorphous/nano-crystalline materials, powder metallurgy products, metallic magnetic materials, welding materials, diamond tools and high speed tool steels. AT&M has made great contributions to the R&D of key materials for many crucial industries such as aerospace and astronautics, information technology, metallurgy, advanced energy and environmental protection, etc.
Established in 1998 and listed in 2000 , AT&M achieve the combination of technology capital and financial capital . It set up its leading position in domestic metal new materials industry with expanding scale and increasing turnover . AT&M stock are selected into Shenzhen 100, CSI 300, Shenzhen innovation index stocks .
Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd (AT&M)
Exhibit with special booth of 36㎡
Booth Number :A632         Welcome to our booth for consultation discussion
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