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Preparation Is Intense
Preparation Is In Full Swing   Promoting “The 10th Shenzhen   International Magnetic Materials and Small Motor  Exhibition”
As March is nearing , the preparation of “The 10th Shenzhen International Small Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition” is going on intensely . The organize committee is trying their best to integrate various resources and present the most professional event .
Accurate Positioning Enhancing The International Promotion Strength Constantly
Since the invitation of exhibitors starts , The 10th Shenzhen International Small Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition win strong support of all kinds of association around the world . So far , the cooperated association including Japan Robot Association ,Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association , Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association and Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association .
Owning about 80% of the internet users, Google is acknowledged as the largest search engine in the world so far . Since the cooperation with Google in November 2011 , Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd , the organizer has strengthened the publicity of key word search and adword display in all kinds of Google affiliated website . According to detail data , the click rate of the exhibition is continually increase , improving the promote effects in international market .
Additionly, in order to increase the brand awareness of the exhibition , the organizer arrange promotion staff to release exhibition information in oversea professional website .
Professional Invitation Improve The Visitor Quality
  In order to improve the effects of visitor invitation , committee has sent some exhibition invitation , ticket and association documents one by one . Meanwhile , we convey the latest news to visitors by sending massages.
   Through deep communicate with exhibitors , we understand the product scope and application industry of visitor more definitely . Thus ensure the speciality of visitors and improve the exhibiting effects.
Considerate Service for Exhibitors
  In order to make sure that exhibitors can enjoy the best hotel service during the exhibition , committee has make a comprehensive evaluation of hotels near Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from many aspects such as price , environment , transportation , service attitude and choose some superior hotels to recommend to the exhibitors .
   Special booth can not only attract visitor’s attention but also promote the whole effects of the exhibition . When choosing the construction company , the committee  screen out some companies with  high qualification and rich experience prudentially , make sure that every exhibitor can reach a perfect exhibiting effects .
The 10th Shenzhen International Small Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition is coming soon , please expect and pay close attention to it。
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